Prairies end hunt club is a fantastic operation run by Joe Enderby. He was kind enough to donate the hunt for 2 Veterans. Unfortunately, the two Veterans scheduled for this event didn't make it due to one having a last minute conflict and the other having the date confused. Since they weren't able to make it this time, he rolled the spots over to another date. Joe had lunch waiting for us when we arrived, a fresh pot of home made chili. After lunch were got geared up and headed out with the dogs.

It was a windy day in the field. The wind gusts were pushing 20-25 mph. The wind was going to make it a difficult time for the dogs to scent the birds, or so I thought. We headed out with our guide and within a 100 yards for the truck the dog was on point. A pheasant was hiding in the bushes by a small shed. I prepared to shoot and the dog flushed the bird. I took the pheasant on the second shot. That started off our day of 19 birds, a mixed bag of quail, pheasant, and chukars. My daughter Chloe attended this event with me and was on fire. She shot 15 of the 19 birds of the day. Even though we had the let down of our Veterans not being able to make it at the beginning of the day, Chloe and I made it a good daddy/daughter hunt and we were able to get Copper, my new Hungarian Vizsla on his first birds also. I've been training him for the last 8 months to get ready for a hunt. He ran around like an idiot for the first half trying to play with our guides dog but by about half way through the hunt he figured out why we were there and started to pick up on what the other older dog was doing. With a little more training, we will get him dialed in.