Fly Fishing Programs

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At Kekoa Outdoors, Inc., we understand the therapeutic value of spending time with your loved ones connecting with nature and each other. For this reason, our fly fishing outings are much more than just a fishing trip.

Not only do these events allows veterans the opportunity to spend some relaxing time in the outdoors, it provides a great opportunity to socialize and build relationships with others around you in a peaceful environment.

What To Expect On A Fly Fishing Trip

The trip could be a day outing, or it could be a multi-day trip. The fly fishing outings are for any skill level. The outing could consist of wading or could be a boat trip. We have volunteers that will work with the participant on casting, equipment set up, fly fishing tactics, and fly presentation. The volunteer will also stay with the participant as a guide. We provide all the gear needed for you to have a memorable experience on and off the water. You can expect to eat well on an outing. We home cook most of the meals for the participants. The lodging is typically a three-bedroom cabin or a hotel room. The only cost that the participant may have is the cost of travel to and from the outing, and in some cases, we will cover that cost as well. You will need to have a fishing license with possibly a trout tag, depending on the state.

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