Double Barrel Popper & Slider Bodies


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From the makers of Fish Skull and Nymph Head products, this soft EVA foam body makes popper tying simple, especially with matching hooks and eyes (sold separately). Tons of features, with sizes to target anything from small bass to big game! The deeper cup and an extended upper lip on the front make a bigger ‘pop’ and splash ahead of the fly. These bodies also have recessed eye sockets sized to take Dragon Eyes for a menacing look or super-realistic Living Eyes. The back of the body has a recess hole for tailing or an articulated shank loop. The bodies’ skin is treated to make it stronger and smoother than plain foam; a clear coat is strictly optional. Mounted backwards on the hook, the body is great for diver, slider or Sneaky Pete patterns. 8 pieces per pack, except for large (6) and x-large (4).